SalesPro CRM is an easy to use customer relationship management system thats designed to enable you and your team to easily utilize powerful tools from an intuitive user friendly interface.



SalesPro CRM contact management system will enable you to effectively input, organize and quickly retrieve relevant information from anywhere in the world.

  • Quickly capture & edit all relevant information for every new or existing contact.
  • Search contact via company, first name, last name, phone number or email address.
  • Permission based client information sharing with other users.
  • Assign new or existing contacts to any member of your team.
  • Access and update contact from virtually anywhere in the world.


Automate your entire sales process even off-site workers anywhere in the world with our real time tracking overview. Manage productivity, tasks, opportunities and sales as they happen live. Keep your sales process on track and on time.

  • Easily manage your sales team wherever they are with real time tracking
  • Milestone tracker easily customized to any sales cycle or goal based scenario.
  • Forecast sales accurately determining probability of closing projected profit etc.
  • Track a rep task completion with email reminders and alerts.



Keeps your entire team organized all in one place. Book out company resources or facilities, quickly view upcoming events or meetings, travel schedules etc.


Accurate reporting allows you to evaluate performance and take actionable steps towards improvement in all areas of Sales and Customer Service to Marketing.



Generate accurate sales forecasting based on historical and upcoming sales opportunities.

  • Determine a time line for when deals are expected to close.
  • Spot market trends as they begin to emerge
  • Improved inventory management


Manage any tasks from creation to completion with on screen alerts and email reminders so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Most important daily tasks are displayed upon user login.
  • Track a rep task completion reminder and alerts.
  • Individual and team task management.



Track your leads from first contact to closing the sale. Assign leads to specific reps or create open lead pools for reps, territories, groups etc. Identify the lead source to focus your marketing and lead generation efforts.


Accurate reporting allows you to evaluate performance and take actionable steps towards improvement in all areas of Sales and Customer Service to Marketing. Create an infinite number of reports based on the criteria most important to you.



Keep your sales on track and on time by implementing a consistent sales process. A fully customizable sales roadmap allows everyone to adopt the same winning formula. New hires are brought up to speed faster and more efficiently with best practices being transparent and achievable.

  • Easily customized to any sales process or goal based scenario.
  • Quickly identify weaknesses within your sales process.
  • Provides insight for proactive sales training.


Effectively handling customer service issues is a key component in ensuring long lasting relationships. SalesPro CRM allows you to streamline the process and protocols to ensure customers are being handled in accordance with company policy.

  • Customized service procedures
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Monitor CSR response time

Email Support Redundant servers with backups
256 bit encryption advanced security controls Phone Support
On screen help resources and guides Unlimited support and user training
Real time summaries of all business activities Tutorials and help guides for every step
Remote sales force automation-control staff anywhere in the world Unlimited contacts
Stand-alone email client within CRM Client history - tracks all activities
Email templates Task reminders and alerts
Email archive Lead management and sales pipeline
Outlook sync Group Calendar
Gmail sync No advertising
Auto response drip marketing campaigns 99.9% uptime guarantee
Contact management Account management
Opportunity Management Tasks, events, notes, calendar
Import existing client files Export your data anytime
Compatible for B2B or B2C applications Salesforecasting
Custom customer service procedures built in Email lead capture
Custom reports creation Lead source find out where your customers are coming from
Set permissions acrros all users Multi format document storage
Advanced management reporting